22. Confirm beneficiary briefing meeting template

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For financial advisers (facilitating estate planning).
After getting the client's insurance funding in place for them and facilitating the creation of their personal will/s, why not get your client/s and close relatives together for a short meeting at the lawyer's or your office to host a beneficiary briefing. The purpose of this meeting will be:

  • To introduce you¬†to their¬†<lawyer> <accountant> <and their> <brother/sister etc = relation(s)>
  • To ensure they all know how to contact you¬†should they need to
  • To very briefly describe your plan, to the extent that you¬†have already agreed
  • To provide them¬†with your Protection Portfolio, now that their¬†plan is fully implemented,
  • and to place the latest documents into this for safekeeping.¬†

You'll need to use this confirm this beneficiary briefing meeting with all parties, so save time, look smart, professional and use this client-friendly email/letter template.

Why not add this template to your existing planning software template library today!  

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