Technical Helpline Service

It's back! The popular Technical Helpline service which was part of our Risk Store membership offering was missed when we closed the membership model. We have responded to financial advisers who have asked can we relaunch this service.

Not surprisingly they tell us there is still a need to access independent, reliable, expert, accurate and timely input to curly (and not so curly) queries. We are not surprised, as this was one of the Risk Store's most utilised services.

How are we delivering this? Many of our classic and dependable practice management tools are in this online shopping cart (The Risk Shop). We have now added a one-year Technical Helpline Service subscription option to purchase to the Shop. So for a very reasonable flat yearly fee there will be no limit to the amount of requests for assistance*.

Every time you have a difficult or complex client situation - for example with beneficiary nomination advice, or how best to resolve an unusual business succession planning puzzle - think of us as either your sounding board, for comfort, or your 'source of truth'! 99% of the time, we can assist. In the other 1% of cases: if we can't, we can put you onto another industry specialist who can.

Consider us as your in-house technical department on-tap. You may not need us for weeks or months, but when you do, you will receive unbiased, succinct guidance on the best approach to resolving your query. That's your brilliant expertise demonstrated to your client.

What next?
  • We have 2 subscription¬†options: a Single Practice | Site¬†option or a bulk-discounted Dealer Group | Licensee option.¬†

  • The annual subscription fee for¬†single practice/site¬†is $490.00 inc. gst.
    To purchase, please go to the bottom of this page.
    To use this service (once paid for), please choose 'Helpline Enquiry'
    via The Risk Store home page or via 'Consulting Home' in the main menu above.

  • The annual subscription fee for dealer groups is¬†POA.
    Please contact The Risk Store via our webform with your enquiry.
    We'll work out a discount rate for your all your practices/site within the group.

  • The service is email-based only via The Risk Store website (see¬†above)¬†as we must keep a record of your request and our professional response. Hence, sorry, no phone calls please. Provide as much info with any documentation you can provide. We‚Äôll respond typically within 24, but certainly within 48 hours.

  • If you haven't used us for this before - give us a go for 12 months - then it's up to you to continue to renew or not. You can cancel next years Auto renewal anytime.

  • If you want to check out what this looks like, email us via our webform and we'll send you an example showing the sort of complexity we can help with.
  • Here's one of our previous very grateful adviser Helpline users - who, yes is a risk specialist with no others close by, who just likes to confirm their¬†thinking most of the time when they¬†contact us:¬†
    ‚ÄúI have been an avid enthusiast of the resources and passion The Risk Store has continued to inject into our industry for many years. Recently, their assistance on a technical claims issue enabled me to not only assist a client expedite a claim, but simultaneously lock in a joint venture for life, given the client was a referral source and the claim was family related. That‚Äôs the definition of adding value!‚ÄĚ -¬†Chris Zegers ¬†| ¬†Keystone Wealth

* We cannot answer assignment questions nor conduct needs analysis on client data.



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