About TouchPoint

What is TouchPoint?

A ready-to-use, time-saving, end-to-end, templated communication package (perfect for wealth and life risk advisory businesses) that champions the client and referrer partner experience to be the focus for an advisory and licensee business!

What does TouchPoint consist of?

  • 68 templates + 5 mapped workflows of the advice process
  • Includes client/referrer/insurer communication (email/letter) templates,
  • Checklists and procedures for your back of office
  • Workflows mapped out of the 5 key areas of an advice business - saving you hundreds of hours working this all out. Use these workflows to build threads and workflows to extract the best use of your current planning software.
  • Best-of-breed SoA and RoA templates for both personal and business needs.
  • In MSWord and PDF file format

Is there really a need?

Yes. Absolutely. Consider this: Business Health’s [businesshealth.com.au] client survey benchmarking solution, CATScan, has ‘Client Communication’ rating 9th in order of 10 key areas of client satisfaction feedback!

It’s now generally acknowledged the ‘content’ and ‘processes’ elements that are currently missing from advisory & licensee businesses today and are resulting in less profitability for those business owners. Are you one of them?

Me or my staff could build this ourselves!

Sure you can. So now ask yourself, why have you not already done this? Because we both know it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort effort to start and complete writing, editing and producing this content. In fact it took The Risk Store 10 solid months, 6 days per week in the making – it is now ready off-the-shelf for you to use and adapt for your advisory business or dealer group.

Do you have the time or resources to create this stuff? Maybe. But it is likely you don't because your work hours are currently taken up advising your clients to take time away to build this.

But you still need to develop a system that delivers the best possible experience outcome for your clients, referrers and suppliers. You also should be bringing consistency into your advice processes and procedures.

OK. Get it! So what are my/our options?

  1. Do nothing and carry on as you are (questionable outcome)
  2. Act on it and invest time, financial & human resources to build it from scratch (costly & time-consuming outcome)
  3. Act on it and invest time, financial & human resources to purchase TouchPoint off-the-shelf, implement it, refine it (prudent outcome)