TouchPoint - Marketing

What we refer to as marketing documents: templates and procedures that do not relate to the direct client-by-client advice process but are better described as more sales and marketing in application:

  • 01. Email Signature Protocol
  • 02. Underwriting Support Flyer
  • 03. Claims Support Flyer
  • 04. Letter Template: advise where important documents are stored
  • 05. Form Template: lodgement of location of important documents
  • 06. Letter Template: new portfolio folder service offer
  • 21. Covering letter to go into portfolio folder
  • 24. Letter to new client requesting form to be completed by the client to advise where important documents are stored
  • 25.Form for completion and lodgment by new client advising of location of important documents
  • Personal Advice Process Flow Diagram
  • Business Advice Process Flow Diagram