Life Risk Advice Implementation Template VALUE Pack

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For the professional financial adviser

Key benefits for the professional adviser and their practice using these templates:

> Minimise errors, miscommunication and delays.
> Improve efficiency within your advice practice.
> Deliver consistency for the best client experience.

A collection of 15 time-saving, professional looking email / letter correspondence, checklists and file note protocol templates for every type of advice practice. While each template can be purchased individually from The Risk Shop, this special pack bundles all 15 individual templates into ONE essential template set.

This pack provides all that a modern advice practice requires for the implementation segment of the overall life risk advice process. We have templates (over 70 now) for other areas of the advice process and these are available to purchase individually also from The Risk Shop. Browse via our navigation menu above.

 Perfect for inclusion into most modern planning software workflow template libraries. Most templates include software syntax coding markers e.g. Dear <client first name>. Of course, you are free to edit each template to suit your style and needs. We’ve got you 99% of the way there.

This special pack consists of these TouchPoint Template # items [click each one to view a detailed description]:

12. *Client authority to insurer(s) to transfer existing policy/ies to adviser

14. *Letter to client to help them prepare for completing insurance apps only

15. *Advice to client that application(s) sent to product provider(s) - investments & insurance

16. *Advice to client of UW responses: could be used several times

17. Advice to client of final UW decision: could be used several times

18. Advice to client: part of insurance portfolio accepted: could be used several times

19. Advice to client:all policies accepted

20. *Advice to client: part of insurance portfolio declined

41. Adviser completes report for staff checking apps

42. Staff checklist for apps

43. *Form for submission of new business to insurer/fund manager

45. Policy declined procedure

46. *Letter to insurer holding another application, to advise another policy has been declined

47. Client request to insurer to provide reasons for decline decision

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