TouchPoint - Discovery

A collection of email / letter correspondence, checklists and file note protocol templates for every type of advice practice. Consisting of these items:

  • 07. Family Tree Template Inc Relevant Symbols
  • 07A. Business Structure Template Inc Relevant Symbols
  • 08. Personal Client First Appointment Confirmation
  • 09. Business Client First Appointment Confirmation
  • 10. Business Information Form (fact finder)
  • 11. Client authority to obtain existing policy info from insurer(s)
  • 13. Advice to client re further action and to confirm second appt if applicable
  • 34. Checklist for conducting first appointment
  • 34A. Client multiple authority – first meeting
  • 35. Checklist of material to go into presentation pack for appt # 1
  • 59. Letter of Engagement: client and adviser sign
  • 63. Red Flag List: a checklist of advice outcomes that require adviser to document reason in the SoA and in file notes
  • 65. Filenote protocols - mandated format